Who We Are
is What We Do

We Provide

All our team members are in pursuit of excellence in the global logistics arena – with their clients, suppliers, service providers; all located in developed and fast developing countries.  While our team members hardly ever leave us, but if they must, they will have no difficulty finding a career position as a top, resourceful logistics professional, in any developed economy.

Vision Mission Values

Our Corporate


We assist our Principals in fulfilling their vision of becoming the global logistics standard, a first-choice logistics company for worldwide traders who consciously want the best-in-class logistics solution, to have their goods delivered across the ocean, air and inland, most efficiently and economically.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously invest in human resources and technologies so we serve our Principals’ worldwide clients in the most efficient, economical and transparent manner.

Our Corporate


We value our human resource, the best assets we have on board, who serve the best interests of our principals. 

Having a joy not just for the work itself but also the people around us, so that everyone can be bold, innovative, and creative. Creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to the words we speak and the bonds we make. Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organization as well as the company’s behavior. 

Treating everyone with the common decency we all deserve and expect. 


Our History – Never A Dull Moment

We have grown from a three-member team over two decades ago, when we handled some back-office, records keeping work for a United States based logistics company that we serve, even today. Solely based on our organizational work ethics, we attained both vertical and horizontal growth in our volume of work. Vertical growth ensued as our Principals continually enriched our work, adding more departments and more responsibilities. Horizontal growth came about when we started dealing directly with our Principals’ customers who kept growing the volume of their global logistics business. Today, we handle over 95% of the total work volume of our Principals, whose business volume is growing faster than ever before. When global covid pandemic struck in early 2020, worldwide logistics business slumped like many other businesses, but instead of backing down we continued expanding our capacities and improving our client handling processes – resulting in both volumetric and margins growth at a cosmic rate.