Bobtail In and Out

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A Bobtail Out fee applies when during a drop and pick move, a backhaul container is not available at the consignee. A Bobtail In fee applies when at the request of the customer, we dispatch a driver to bobtail into the consignee to terminate an empty. Dray Alliance will terminate the empty container within 48 hours from the time of Bobtail In request. After 48 hours, Dray Alliance will assume liability for any additional Chassis and Per Diem charges. Bobtail requests received after 3pm will be processed the next business day at 8am PST.


Orders cancelled within 24 hrs of pickup appointment will be charged a Cancellation fee.


Orders that are changed within 24 hrs of pickup appointment will be charged a Change fee – examples include changes in delivery address, pickup/delivery time, or type of delivery (live vs. drop). Please note that a change in base rate may apply.

Rental - Standard

$35 / calendar day - 3 day minimum

We value our human resource, the best assets we have on board, who serve the best interests of our Principals. We value our Principals’ clients and network partners, who give us the opportunity to serve them. And we value our service providers for their top-class services.
Rental - Triaxle

$100 / calendar day - 3 day minimum

Triaxle chassis rental is billed per calendar day with a minimum of three days. Subject to availability. Does not include chassis split to retrieve equipment in the event that we need to pull from an alternative depot or if we need to unexpectedly grab a triaxle chassis due to an unexpected overweight container requiring a triaxle.
Chassis Split


A Chassis Split is charged when a chassis must be picked up from or returned to a location other than the terminal where the container is picked up or terminated. Chassis splits occur due to terminal restrictions, chassis shortages, or when using owned/leased chassis.
Customs Exam


Load will be picked up from the terminal and dropped at the off-dock exam site in accordance with US Customs and Shipper’s requirements. Transfer from the exam site to our yard is also included upon request.


Customer is responsible to pay demurrage charges directly to the terminal through the date of the confirmed terminal appointment. Customer pays directly.
Cost + 30% admin fee
Upon your written request, we may advance Demurrage payment at cost + 30%.

$70 / hr billed in 15 min increments

All Dray Alliance loads include 2 hours at the origin (terminal, ramp, or yard) and 2 hours for loading/unloading at the destination. The clock starts at the appointment start time or upon arrival if no appointment is required.
Dry Run at Customer

Full roundtrip rate + FSC

A Dry Run may apply when pickup or delivery is attempted but unable to be completed due to circumstances outside of our control. A Dry Run may apply if the customer cancels the order after the job has been started by the Carrier. Additional charges may be incurred (e.g. storage, chassis.)
Dry Run at Port


A Dry Run may apply if we are unable to ingate or outgate a container at the terminal due to circumstances outside of our control. This fee may also apply if the customer cancels the order after job has been assigned to a Carrier.


Fee for using a flipline facility for the purpose of exchanging chassis on a wheeled container. Subject to availability and facility hours. Does not include stop off for transporting to flipline facility or chassis split to retrieve secondary chassis, in case needed.
Unplanned Layover

$300 / night

An Unplanned Layover is charged when the trucker must stay the night at the delivery location due to customer request, ELD/ HoS restrictions, or other circumstances outside of our control.
Lumper Services

$70 / hr billed in 15 min increments

Upon special request the Driver may help unload the cargo. Lumper services must be arranged at the time of order submission and must be approved in advance by the Carrier.


An Overweight fee is applied to 40’ containers with net weight over 46,500 lbs and 20’ containers with net weight over 37,500 lbs. Additional triaxle chassis and/or 4 axle trucks may be required.
Per Diem

Cost + 30% admin fee

We will have 48 hours from the time of Empty notification or Bobtail In request to terminate empty containers. Empty notifications received after 3pm PST will be processed at 8am the next business day.

Cost + 15% admin fee

Our customers typically pay PierPass directly. Upon request, we may advance PierPass payment at cost + 15%.


This service includes pulling the load from the terminal to our yard and 1 night of storage. Prepull applies when the Customer is unable to receive delivery within 4 hours of the scheduled terminal appointment.
$80 / calendar day
Additional days of storage billed per calendar day.
Prepull - Seasonal Surcharge


This additional fee will be applied for prepulled containers during peak season. The seasonal surcharge will be in effect from November 9th to December 31st, 2020.


Surcharge for handling a refrigerated container.

$230 / hr - 1 hr min.

For containers that need internal weight redistributed. Rate does not include stop off for delivery to the reworking facility or storage.
Rush Orders

Additional 25% of round trip rate minimum $100

For orders with a requested pickup within 24 hours of order placed a Rush fee will be applied. If you require an outgate within 24 hours of container arrival at the port, we will also charge a rush fee. We will not be responsible for demurrage incurred for last minute or rush orders. Orders received after 3pm PST will be processed the following day.
Residential Delivery


Surcharge for delivery to a residential address or any location without a proper dock or parking facilities.
Scale Ticket


An official off-site scale ticket showing the weight of the container along with axle distributions is requested by the Customer or Carrier. Billed per ticket. Our Carriers may scale containers at their discretion due to reasonable concerns about weight and potential road compliance issues.
Special Permits

Cost + 15% admin fee

Loads requiring special permits.
Stop Off

$150 per stop

For each additional stop off within 5 miles from the original route a Stop Off fee will be applied.
Yard Jockey

$25 / container

Container moves or relocations within the same property. Rate is per container touch.
Weekend Delivery

$100 / container

For orders that have an appointment on the weekend, a weekend delivery fee will be applied

$80 / calendar day

We offer container and chassis storage in our secure yard in Wilmington, CA. Storage is billed per calendar day. One night of storage is included with Prepull. Storage may be at the Customer’s request or due to circumstances outside of our control. Some of these circumstances include Prepull, Chassis Split, Consignee unable to receive delivery, Shipper requesting pickup prior to the terminal’s First Receiving Date, or Terminal restrictions.